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SaaS for Research and Measurement Projects
Smallgear  BeyondSQL's tools for conducting and managing research projects are now open to all
Focus on research and needs of your members and donors rather than on creating and maintaining in-house software. BeyondSQL's solutions for research and measurement are the only products natively built for all phases of benchmarking and complex data collection projects. Read more

Evolve Your Approach to Research and Measurement Projects

BeyondSQL offers a new way for your company to deliver all phases of benchmarking and complex data collection projects to your customers. It's a simpler way - and a less expensive one.

With BeyondSQL's tools for data collection, analysis, reporting and content managment your organization will be able to focus its resources on clients and on research deliverables rather than on installing, managing, configuring and optimizing servers, software and databases.

We developed our first benchmarking software in 2000, and we have been improving and fine-tuning our products based on customer feedback ever since. We have taken the time to understand the steps in a typical project and built a SaaS platform that supports them natively.

Track Record of Delivering Innovative Products

BeyondSQL has an extensive track record of successfully deploying, implementing and supporting complex data collection, analysis and reporting projects for clients like Saratoga Institute, Spherion, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Integrated Benefits Institute and Staffing Industry Analysts.

Our products process millions of rows of data and generate hundreds of thousands of pre-defined transaction, ad-hoc and business intelligence reports. We are constantly adding new tools for understanding and interpreting data and are currently working on prediction models.

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