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BeyondSQL product line provides a range of solutions for content management, data collection, analysis, reporting and publishing projects.

Madrid Platform

Madrid is BeyondSQL's Java-based platform for developing custom, web-based, database driven enterprise applications. Madrid's extensible architecture allows our developers to build the exact solutions our clients need and adapt them with minimal effort as requirements change.

Madrid is uniquely suited to address requirements of global data collection, analysis and reporting projects and is the foundation for all of BeyondSQL products.

Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Engine

Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Engine is a web-based application built on Madrid platform. It supports all phases of research projects, including benchmarking, and is highly scalable, customizable and fully internationalized. The web-based interface facilitates projects of all sizes, from simple, single-department studies to complex, multi-national enterprise benchmarking projects.

Content Management Engine

Content Management Engine is a powerful solution for managing web site content. It allows administrators to create new documents, edit existing documents, manage document collections and link attachments to documents. With Content Management Engine administrators have the power of desktop editors like MS Word at their fingertips.

Publishing Engine

Publishing Engine is a flexible solution for creating and distributing study results. Publishing Engine is built on Madrid platform and can be used to consolidate key findings, analysis and insights from data-intensive research projects such as benchmarking studies. These highly polished reports may be distributed to participants, or sold to interested parties.

The BeyondSQL Publishing Engine can produce template-based reports for any number of report items and then output them in several formats such as XML, HTML, and PDF. The resulting documents may be distributed on the Web, on CDs, or in hardcopy. Data may also be exported in CSV and XLS.

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